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Good Website Development Approach, the Second Nature of a Great Website

If content is king for a website, then website development must be queen. We cannot stress enough for the importance of good web design, especially one that is well developed and gives good user experience. Together, these website development attributes bring your website to life, and your website visitors will thank you for not only supplying them with content that they seek, and the good experience of using your excellent website.

Before starting on your website development journey, be it corporate business or personal projects, understand the basics of good website development approach. The foundational ingredients for a great website.

1: Well Organized Information Architecture

Be sure to structure your site for success. Information architecture has to be constructed in a way that flows well and thoughtfully connected. Navigation to a particular piece of information should be less than a few clicks away. Well architectured and segmented website content is a sure way to make your visitors find what they need in the shortest possible time. With ease of info discovery, your users will be delighted to come back again to use your website.

2: Fluid and Responsive Wireframe

Modern website must be able to display well in multitude of device screen sizes. Responsive web design (RWD) must be employed to ensure your website is elegantly viewable in the widest possible range of devices. Of course, with as many devices, come as many variety of web browsesrs. Pay attention to making your website compatible with the major web browsers as well. With these well taken care of, your users will consume your content with ease, rather than being detered of using the website.

3: Good User Experience (UX)

Website navigation and interaction ergonomics is paramount to facilitate good user experience. When your website is easy to use, it will encourage more user interactions, and hence increase your website’s value further when happy users share with their counterparts looking for the same information. User friendly and usable website will only encourage your users to stay on, and explore the rest of your website even when their primary objective is dealt with.

4: Cohesive Color Palette

Good aesthetics goes without saying when cohesive color palette is applied. Give your readers a pleasant time for their eyes while consuming your content with sexy web design. It does not matter what the color of the year is, well colored and aesthetically pleasing website will only add to the overal user experience level.

5: Relevant Content

Focus on giving your visitor the content they seek. Be relevant and specific about the topic you want to deliver for a given web page. Provide content that has value for your target audience. No one wants to read a huge chunk to get to the point. Be precise and deliver the right content for the right topic. In the era with digital content overload, keep it short and sweet.

6: Visually Informative Infographics

Avoid writing content at length without the use of clever visuals. Informative visuals will make your web page more appealing and less boring to look at and read. Where possible, create infographics that tell great stories. Tactful visuals that will help you shorten your text and still convey the right information by eyeball.

7: Search Engine Optimized

The Internet is an efficient platform. It delivers information effectively and is meant to facilitate easy access of information. For that to happen, search engine plays an important role in allowing people to go to a central place to look for information easily. And for your website to be easily searchable, your website has to be search engine optimized. No point having a great website that cannot be easily found on the Internet via search engine. No matter where you are, be it in Singapore or anywhere in the world, you should leverage the power of the Internet and search engine.

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