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Content Management System Singapore (CMS Solutions and Services)

CMS (Content Management System) setup, deploy, implement, maintain, operate, analyse, train or consultation. Website content management system solution comes to your mind if you own a website and need content updates in a timely manner. Website owners, webmasters, or content management system implementers alike, are constantly in search of The CMS – hassle free, balanced and suitable in many sense.

We provide CMS solutions and services

Content management system Singapore headquartered

content management system solutions Singapore based

What is a CMS? Reference.

CMS or Content Management System is simply a software tool that enables you as a website owner to update content (digital assets) on your own, without the need for a webmaster or developer to perform the update.

Hence faster turn around and more seamless for content updates via self service, and leaving time for webmaster or developer to focus on other key technical tasks.


How many of such systems are there in the world? The list goes on…

Important factors for your CMS solutions and services

The Team

Proficient and diligent team goes a long way to help you implement a successful and on point CMS, with good quality.

User and Search Engine Friendly

User friendly CMS makes your user happy, and Search engine friendly one makes search engines know about your site well.

Maintainability and Scalability

To keep up with technology and evolving needs, CMS that is easy to maintain and enhance has the edge. And to cater for high traffic, scalability is paramount.

Security and Protection

Today, cyber threat is prevailent. CMS that is well secured is a must. Strong protection is more important than ever and is everybody's responsibility.

Introducing Whiz CMS. WhooshPro Content Management System (code named WPCMS)!

Whiz CMS (or WPCMS) is here to help solve your day to day content management needs.

It is scalable, multi-tier, performance driven, highly customizable, and user friendly. It is an operation-oriented CMS platform for modern content management system websites.

whiz cms (content management system)

Usable . Flexible . Scalable . Performant . Secure

Whiz has gone through iterations of improvements based on real technical and end user feedback. It has been built from ground up to address major concerns for user experience, speed and security.

There are many CMS out there in the market and we have frequently used and implemented many. However every unique system has their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the important fact is to choose one that works in terms of your required features and budget; and very crucially the team that implements it – dedicated, professional and meticulous team who live and breathe content management system.

Hence, this is where our CMS makes a difference – it is flexible and the brainchild of WhooshPro – built in-house, based in Singapore, and we know it inside out.

Tried and tested, WPCMS has been around for many years, and will be so for many years to come. It is our vision to create a content management platform that works well in any sense, and one that stands out among the many good web content management systems around.

Of course, we support our CMS solution by providing you with comprehensive maintenance services and having you worry free about the technicalities, while you focus on your content and core business.

Fancy Sitefinity?

If for some good reasons you like to use Sitefinity, we are here for you as well. Sitefinity has been a proven content management tool in the market for many years. We have also helped numerous customers successfully implemented this versatile CMS, and it has served them well. Sitefinity is definitely one of our clients’ regular choice of Content Management System Software.

Opting for Open Source WordPress?

Of course in open source, the most widely used web CMS is none other than WordPress. Popular all around the world, including our home ground Singapore. Being a solution provider of content management system Singapore based, we have without any doubt implemented many for our customers.

Why choose WhooshPro for your CMS solutions and services

Proven with years of experience

We have helped countless clients deliver robust solutions that works. Singapore or Global, from startups, SMEs, to MNCs, we have partnered with clients from various industry sectors to government agencies, to fulfil their goals.

Hear what our clients say.

Some of our content management implementations

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