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Isomer Singapore

Isomer CMS, Singapore Government Informational Website Builder

Every agency needs an Internet front to provide information in the digital age. When there is a need for a web-front to provide for such user centric informational needs in a timely manner,  CMS (Content Management System) is at play. Regardless of who you are, in the public or private sector, you are bound to need some form of modern digital content management. Even the Singapore Government Technology Department recognizes this and created the Isomer Platform.

What really matters for this platform?

The Isomer Platform is created and managed by GovTech, including the provision of the hosting and security aspects. The full suite solution a Singapore Government Agency will need.

The main reasons for its preference:

– Compliance to applicable IM8 clauses

– In line with SG Gov Design System

– Backed by SG GovTech

As a locally born and bred solution provider, we have dealt with many content management solutions initiatives by the SG Gov, and are well aware of the stringent needs of the digital system to safeguard national interests. We believe this platform has what it takes to delivery such a solution.

Why build your website on this platform?

Among many reasons as mentioned, there are many government agencies already on board the system.

It also has the needful documentation and resources to get you going.

Where do you kick start?

Wanting to know more? Here’s a good primer.

Wishing to get on board? Here’s the way to go.

Needing to clear some commonly asked questions? Here’s the FAQ.

Who can assist you with Isomer?

No guessing needed. If you need an expert in getting things done with SG Gov Agencies, we are always ready to assist.

Contact us, a Singapore based digital solution provider, to work on your needs! We have worked with Isomer for our government agency clients.


We are CMS solution experts based in Singapore.

Why engage WhooshPro for your Isomer CMS Projects

Proven with years of experience

We have helped countless clients deliver robust solutions that works. Singapore or Global, from startups, SMEs, to MNCs, we have partnered with clients from various industry sectors to government agencies, to fulfil their goals.

Hear what our clients say.

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