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Solution as a Service, SolaaS

Solution as a Service, or SolaaS

SolaaS: a modern and novel approach of offering business complete, cost effective and efficient solutions. Combining available software, platforms, tools, system integrations, workflow and services, to achieve streamlined goals; especially in the area of information technology and digital services.

One-stop solution, total solution, Design as a Service, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infra as a Service, and the list goes on. In short SolaaS aims to cover as many aspects of services as possible for businesses, providing the necessary stacks and layers, without their intervention.

These are no strange terms in today’s digitalized and interconnected world, where every business will require some form of digital solution to operate their business effectively and efficiently. You would have used or heard of some of the terms in a way or another.

You are here because you need to find a partner or a provider in helping you craft, implement or manage your web solution, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

You are at the right place.

Why Adopt Solution as a Service?

The choice of solution as a service mainly comes down to the benefits that it will provide to businesses adopting the strategy. Here are a list of common benefits, and many more.

Benefits of SolaaS:

– Cost efficient

– Scalable, flexible, durable and secure

– Reduced maintenance on your part

– Proven and sustainable

– Outsourced expertise

– You focus on your core business activities

Where to get some ideas or see some examples?

You certainly have some needs and come looking for a solution. Here, we share some of the examples we have achieved for our modernized customers.

Whiz CMS running on Azure, with warm disaster recovery site, and integration to SGX

solaas solution as a service whiz CMS

WordPress CMS running on WP Engine, with auto failover site on AWS

solaas solution as a service wordpress

Sitefinity CMS running on Azure, with Azure identity single sign on, and Cloudflare CDN

solaas solution as a service sitefinity

Where do you begin?

You might be asking, with so many as a service options, where do you get started?

The answer is simple, start with any layer of the stack you wish, and scale up from there. It does not have to be a big bang approach. This is where SolaaS works. Start small, and scale up as you need, at the different layers of the stack. It is about cost effectiveness, and where it brings value to your business or operational function.

Who do you go to for help?

The solution is to get an experienced provider with proven track record to cater to your needs.

Contact us, to outsource your requirements and take away your pain points!

Why engage WhooshPro for your Solution as a Service Provider

Proven with years of experience

We have helped countless clients deliver robust solutions that works. Singapore or Global, from startups, SMEs, to MNCs, we have partnered with clients from various industry sectors to government agencies, to fulfil their goals.

Hear what our clients say.

Some of our SolaaS related projects

See what we have done.

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