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SEO Strategy

Our SEO Strategy Explained

Based on the experience over the years building search engine optimized websites for our esteemed clients, our SEO strategy is grouped into 3 key pillars.

Key Pillars of SEO Strategy:

– Content Strategy

– System Strategy

– Maintenance Strategy

Content Strategy

One of the most important aspects of SEO is relevance, uniqueness, and quality of content. As a website owner, your primary focus should be focused on these aspects. Supply your target audience with the content demand. As user/consumer of your content find your content useful and relevant, demand will naturally rise and sustain. When demand rise, so do search engine ranking.

System Strategy

Another important aspect of SEO is implementing the useful attributes that will facilitate the indexing, searchability and ranking of search engine. The system should readily be able to support search engine friendly (user friendly) attributes like user friendly URL, meta description and image alternate text etc. Developers helping to implement the system should also be aware of such attributes and build them as part of the system during development to ensure best possible effects on search engine optimisation when the site is live on the Internet.

Maintenance Strategy

SEO is not a one-time exercise. It takes effort to set up initially with good fundamentals, and it is also important to upkeep to improve the overall outcome with good maintenance. Upon going live, search engine indexing should be submitted to Google to notify for indexing. Subsequently, website owners or content owners need to write good content, and leverage well with the available system attributes. Developers or system support specialists need to continue to enhance where there is change in SEO techniques related to the system when search engine optimisation trend changes. Regular maintenance task in relation to SEO should also be conducted, such as broken link scan, to keep the website well optimised for search engines sustainably.

Essence of SEO Strategy

In essence, SEO strategy is the combined effort of all the involved people, primarily the website owners and the website developers. Applying the basics of SEO, as well as knowing how search engine indexing and ranking works, to continuously tune website pages to rank optimally across time.