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Search Indexing and Ranking

Search Engine Indexing and Ranking

We all know how useful search engine is to our daily lives, but we may not be apparent to how it works, especially when it comes to search indexing and ranking. Here is an explanation of how the pieces come together based on our knowledge and experience for many years, helping our customers achieve a certain level of search engine optimization and ranking. Using Google, the search engine behemoth today, as the example.

It all starts when a web page gets submitted to search engine via the Google Search Console by the website owner, or when the search engine crawler (Googlebot) discovers the page through a back link from another web page on the Internet.

When a page is submitted to Google Search Console for indexing or discovered over the Internet, it is put into a queue for Googlebot to crawl and index it at a later time, to analyse, break down, and organize the indexes it needs to rank and churn out results on Google’s SERP.

With a huge database of websites, pages, indexes collected and organized in Google Search Engine’s massive computer platform, it is then up to the Google’s unique and powerful proprietary ranking algorithm to return the search results to the inquiring user through Google Search.

What contributes to the ranking may include, but not limited to, the followings. Browser title, friendly URL, page title, visible content on the page, meta description and keywords, alternate text, file names, and many others.  From on-page, to off-page SEO attributes. It all boils down to the SEO basics.

Why is Google so relevant and successful today? In our opinion, it has done very well not only in supplying to search user’s demand, it also continuously tests rigorously what users desire better and improves upon them, as well as proactively block out bad and unethical actors – the spammers.

To this point, we hope you enjoyed this piece of information about how search engine works. To end off, here are a few extra articles for you to follow on and gain more knowledge, and keep up with all the search technology that is going on. Take a look at our SEO Glossary for more terminologies. Or see our simple guide to optimize a website.

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