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The Shopify Basics, Part 3: Shopify Sell (publicize, grow, and advance)

Having selected your Shopify plan in Part 1, setting up your Shopify online store in Part 2, you will now be able to launch your online store and ring in your first sales. But before that could happen, you need to publicize your online store.

In this part 3, we will see how you can do just that, and start selling.

Submit your online store to search engines

One of the best ways to publicize your online presence is through search engine organic search results. And it is free. Before you submit to search engines for search indexing, you should review your online store on its search engine optimization (SEO) quality.

Learn about the quality through The SEO Basics.

Learn how to add keywords to your Shopify store.

Learn how to submit your site to Google search engine.

Share your online store with your family, relatives and friends

Make full use of your close contacts. They are usually the ones that are most willing to help you spread the words. These sources usually generate leads with higher conversion rates.

Leverage on social media

Without any doubt, in this digital age, where Internet and social media are widespread, making full use of them will only reach farther and bigger audience. Use your favorite social media to share and generate leads. Do not stop there, try out new social media platforms and you may find new opportunities.

Grow and advance

In Summary, the 3 part series walk you through how you can bootstrap your way to your debut online store with the Shopify Basic Plan.

There are definitely more work you can do to grow and advance your store to the next level. Things like online ads to promote your store, analyzing statistics to spot trends, creating social media pages, putting up on Google My Business and Maps, so on and so forth. The possibilities are plenty.

Contact us if you need any help, be it setting up, or to discuss further how to bring your online business to the next level!