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Shopify Plans

The Shopify Basics, Part 1: Shopify Plans. Plan ahead.

Every journey starts with a plan. What category of Shopify solutions is available for you to put in your business plan? What features or category of service(s) you need from Shopify?

It is important to know what you have currently, what Shopify provides, and pen your plan ahead of time.

The following will give you a bird’s eye view of what Shopify has to offer, and get your plan going.

Shopify Plans at a glance

Shopify Lite

If you already have a website, but without ecommerce feature. You are planning to sell something from your current website, or augment with ecommerce features like selling from facebook, messenger, or incorporate buy bottoms. This is for you.

Basic Shopify

If you have no web presence and looking at debuting with your online store, Shopify have you covered with this plan. All the essentials needed to jumpstart your online business.


If you have a foundation, and want to grow on top of that with a more comprehensive online store to help you move your sales online, you can simply Shopify. Somewhere in between, just the right mix of features to propel you forward. Everything you might just need for your growing business.

Advanced Shopify

If you are a seasoned business with a strong demand, and planning to scale your busines to new heights. Be it moving from another platform or upgrading from the existing, the Advanced Shopify takes care of that.

Shopify Plus

If you are very successful in your online business and attracting high volume of transactions, and when you need enterprise grade platform for high growth, you can rely on Shopify Plus. The ultimate solution for your large business.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, they say. You should know where you are and plan what category of Shopify solutions you need to begin with.

The next article will give you the know how of setting up your debut online store.